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Thank You Radio Lovers!

Blow Me A Kiss | Omedon

Audio Smut is the #2 Radio Show in Montreal! Thank you to the lovely sexy people who voted for us. Next month’s show will be a treat of delicious pure audio porn.

Pushing Boundaries

Stair | Gary Breckheimer

How often do you think about boundaries in sex and relationships? We’re going from macro to micro to explore why we do what we do and what we like about pushing boundaries. From feminist porn to the inner workings of relationships we look at how people put their backs up against the wall.

Download the show, yo.

Contents of the show:

~Visit to the Feminist Porn Awards allows Audio Smut to reflect on the boundaries of sex & society through porn. Listen to interviews with Tristan Taormino, Shine Louise Houston and Courtney Trouble

~Casual Sex Rules? An interview with Heather Corinna about her thought provoking Multi-Generational Casual Sex Survey and Follow-up.

~True stories about big age gaps in relationships. First we hear from Chris a self-professed boy-toy, then Rev. Jen and finally two stories from Robert, a male courtesan.

~Micro-relationships. Bee the fly on the wall as a couple discusses the boundaries in their relationship.

~Porning news: Included information about eco-sex, big toes turned into a penis, celery aphrodisiac, Austria’s gay pride stamp and the Lickie Dickie.

Happy Masturbation Month everyone! May you be self-pleasured.

Pink Noises and Euphoric Femme

Here’s two events to get you hot and bothered:

MTL: Book Launch of Pink Noises!

What she said: “Come to Montreal launch party to celebrate the release of Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound, by Tara Rodgers (Duke University Press, 2010). The book is a collection of twenty-four interviews with women in electronic music and sound cultures, including club and radio DJs, remixers, composers, improvisers, instrument builders, and performance artists.”

Date: Friday, April 30, 2010
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: OBORO New Media Lab
Street: 4001 rue Berri
Facebook event details

TO: Euphoric Femme Vernissage

What she said: “I am interested in the healing of sexually-based psychic wounds, reconnecting the sexual with the spiritual, a cross-pollination between art and health, and ultimately erotic celebration. Through a synthesis of autoerotic images and vocalizations, these artworks add to a growing body of work concerned with the creation of shameless and esteem-centred self-representations of women as sexual beings.”

***Jess MG from Audio Smut is part of the exhibit yo***

Friday April 30, 6-9pm
OCAD Graduate Student Gallery, 205 Richmond Street, Ground Floor (enter via Duncan Street entrance)
More info

Pets and Interviews

Audio Smut collective member Jess, one true love: Tux

Two of our fantastic sex positive stars’ pets tried to get in on the interview action. Listen to Sasha, sex columnist and co-founder of The Scandelles, cat interrupt the interview. Then the author of Live Nude Elf, Rev. Jen’s chihuahua Reverend Jen Jr begs for the space heater to be turned on.

The wee interruptions of the furry animals show a great funny and caring side of Sasha and Rev. Jen that we wanted to share with you!


Are You Looking At Me?

Are You Looking At Me? Sex Positive Creative Performances.

Download the file yo.

We talked to a few fiesty women who are pumping out sex positive performances and creative projects.

We chatted with (order they appear on show):
Reverend Jen, author of the immensely fun sex romp read Live Nude Elf.
-A mini-tour of 3 stand out performances at the Edgy Women FestivalJess Dobkin, Karen Sherman and Sasha Van Bon Bon of The Scandelles
-Poesie Boudoir by the Throw Poetry Collective (about the event plus two amazing performances of erotic slam poetry)

There was awesome talk of creating sexy events and performances as well as the benefits, drawbacks and thoughts that come from putting your sexy on for the world to see.

Audio Smut Radio Show aired on CKUT Audio Smut on April 7 2010.

Stay Sexy!

P.S. Listen to the end for a brief mention of water-sports and crayfish. No joke.

Art on the Edge.

Only but a week or so ago, Montreal was boiling with boundary busting broads performing at the EDGY WOMEN festival, compliments of Studio 303.

When people ask the organizer Miriam Ginestier about her take on feminism—and a lot of people do—her face curls into a cringe.  “It’s something I take for granted,” she says over a post-show cigarette.  She doesn’t wanna talk about it.  She’d rather DO it.  Her take on feminism is making space for a rich variety of female-identified artists, throwin’ em together and seeing what happens.

This year, the performance art spanned from strip-tease to overhead projections.  All the shows that Audiosmut had the pleasure of attending pushed different buttons.  Sasha VanBonbon and the Scandelles walk the line between the sacred and the profane in NEON NIGHTZ: the story of Sasha’s experiences stripping in Montreal.  Jess Dobkin gives us an abundant combination platter of her art projects past present and future in EVERYTHING I’VE GOT.  Karen Sherman gets into the gay man in her, while simultaneously admiring the femininity of her butch identified gay friend—they both love Tyra.

Listen to inter/reviews of these lovely lady performers on this month’s Audiosmut!